Photography Workshops

All the below workshops are ran through my parent company Yorkshire Coast Nature in which we give the client the best opportunity of developing their wildlife photography and capturing that perfect image.


RSPB Seabird Photography Group Workshop

RSPB Bempton Cliffs is home to over 200,000 seabirds from March to October. This is a very exciting place for wildlife photography, with many great opportunities to capture all the species close up, from the birds on the cliff-face to those in flight.

In partnership with the RSPB I will be delivering Seabird Photography Workshops at RSPB Bempton Cliffs. The workshop will be based on techniques needed to capture that perfect wildlife image and will give you the opportunity to develop your wildlife photography skills.

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Bempton Cliffs 1 to 1 Photography Workshop

This 1 to 1 full day or half day workshop will be tailored towards beginners and enthusiasts who have a passion for wildlife photography, and will start with a look at the techniques and equipment needed with advice and tips on how to get that perfect wildlife image. You will learn about correct exposure, how to deal with tricky lighting conditions such as harsh sunlight or low light levels, depth of field techniques and how to capture that perfect image.

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Seabird Photography Boat Trip

Join us on a photography trip of a lifetime as we sail from Bridlington Harbour to take in the panoramic views of Flamborough Headland and Bempton Cliffs. This trip is designed to get close views of the cliffs and sea caves past Flamborough Headland and to get up close and personnal with the sights, sounds and smells of over 200,000 seabirds on the ledges, in the sea and flying overhead as we sail past the 400ft white chalk cliffs at Bempton.

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RSPB Gannet Photography Group Workshop

Bempton Cliffs is home to over 11,000 breeding pairs of Gannets from late January to the end of October. Gannets are our largest seabird with a wingspan of 6 feet (2 metres). They pair for life and come back to the same nest site each year. We will look to capture the Gannet on camera from on the cliff edge with their young to flying past the viewpoints at eye level.

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Moorland Birds Photography Workshop

Beautiful heather moorland lies at the very heart of the North York Moors National Park. As the seasons change, this stunning landscape reveals a quiet drama all its own. Early summer is characterised by the calls of moorland birds, and, as the evenings draw in, a purple carpet of flowering heather stretches for miles across the open vistas. From April to June comprise the prime breeding season for all moorland birds and the sounds of the varied species we will encounter can be heard for many miles across the moors.

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Coastal Birds Photography Workshop

This workshop will cover the rugged coastline from Scarborough to Filey where we will look at the rich bird life it holds from low to high tide. Our knowledge of the Yorkshire Coast, with its high cliffs, rocky shores and secret beaches, will ensure you visit the best places and obtain some lovely images. Wading birds from Bar-tailed Godwits, Sanderling, Purple Sandpiper, Grey Plover, Curlew, Dunlin and Oystercatcher will be on our hit list.

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Winter Waterfowl Photography Workshop

Throughout the winter Scarborough Coast and Harbour is a hotspot for sea ducks, divers, grebes and white-winged gulls. The inland lakes and pools are a strong holding for wintering waterfowl, with large numbers of ducks and geese moving in and along the coast. Our knowledge of the Yorkshire Coast will take you to the best places along this beautiful coastline and inland waterways, ensuring your chances of obtaining some lovely images.

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